Municipalities and Utilities

Now, your municipality or utility can offer customers an affordable, reliable renewable energy option.

Benefits of NTE SolarSelect:

  • Meets consumer demand for renewable energy options
  • Supports renewable energy requirements mandated by the state*
  • Diversifies the power supply portfolio
  • Can be combined with energy storage
  • Creates a potential new revenue stream for utilities
  • Ensures seamless integration into the NTE power supply portfolio
  • Provides a partial hedge to natural gas supply and price volatility risk 
  • Offers predictable renewable energy pricing with no escalator 
  • Helps meet sustainability goals
  • Supports economic development efforts 

*where applicable

Participation Requirements
Participating utilities commit to a minimum target of 2% of total energy sold.

Learn More
Contact NTE Energy to learn how your municipality or utility can make NTE SolarSelect available to your customers.